Economy & Business

‘Markets Exist To Serve People’

Markets are made up of people interacting with other people. They don’t exist to serve turnips or interstellar dust or sublimity. Just people.

Punitive Taxation

Some advocates of higher marginal tax rates prefer them even if they wouldn’t boost revenues.

It’s Wages, Stupid

I argue today that Trump should spend less time focused on the market, and more on wages.

The Fed and the Right

Many conservative economic commentators are now urging the Fed to run a looser monetary policy.

Interpreting Economic Stagnation

Little or no wage growth in an economy where others are experiencing strong gains is a disaster that has great explanatory power for the problems…

Record Sales

This morning on Fox News, Carley Shikmus dropped a retail-news bomb: “Americans on average will spend $7.7 billion this Christmas season.” On average? Somebody out…