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ANOTHER State Floats Mandatory Vaccine


Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely as the saying goes and we have not seen it up close in the United States anywhere near to the extent we are seeing it unfold during this pandemic.

The latest state to announce they will mandate that everyone receive a COVID-19 vaccination regardless of what they want or don’t want.

Why are all the vaccine mandate States controlled by democrats?

Virginia already has a law on the books that gives the Commissioner of Health authority to order every Virginia resident be immediately vaccinated during a public health crisis… Provided there is one available of course.

The Supreme Court has already ruled on the issue of mandatory vaccines on more than one occasion so there is a significant amount of case law already in place that has been challenged and rechallenged enough that it’s highly unlikely the court would even hear any challenges to the basic issue of mandating vaccines.

There is currently no vaccine available for the COVID-19 virus… Outside of Russia anyway, provided you believe Comrade Vlad… But President Trump’s operation Warp Speed that opened up the doors for the rapid development of a Coronavirus vaccine makes the possibility of an early 2021 vaccine to safely immunize American’s more likely than not based on the recent information available.

The current Commissioner of Health in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Dr. Norman Oliver is making no secret of the fact that he plans to make the Coronavirus vaccine mandatory.

There is currently only one exemption available under current Virginia law for those who want to avoid taking another needle in the arm and that’s proving you have some sort of medical issue that would make it unsafe for you to be vaccinated…

The Virginia General Assembly that was taken over by Democrats for the first time in 20 some years has been considering a bill during the most recent special session of the General Assembly that would allow people with a religious objection to keep the Communist from injecting them with things they don’t want in their body.

It will probably come as no surprise to you to find out that the Commissioner of Health is opposed to the religious exemption and believes that in the case of COVID-19 that public health takes precedent over your right to make decisions for yourself…

Pretty incredible that in times like we are experiencing those who were elected to preserve the freedom that generations of American’s have fought and died to defend is so willing to use the trust they were given to strip us of every God-Given Right American’s cherish.

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