VIDEO: New Border Fence Construction Goes Up in Tecate, California East of San Diego

Roger Ogden at Patriot Fire videos went out this week to film the new border wall in Tecate, California.

This clip below shows status of border barrier in Tecate, California.

Via Roger:

On August 13th, 2019, I went to Tecate to see, if they had started building the planned new fence there. Tecate is about 20 miles east of San Diego/Tijuana. There is a contract with SLSCO Ltd. to build four miles of 30-foot-high bollard fence to replace the old, dilapidated landing-plate fence. I found that they had already started building the fence two months earlier. About a mile and a half of the fence had already been constructed.

SLSCO Ltd is based in Texas. This company is receiving hundreds of millions of dollars to build border fence in California, which might have gone to companies in California, except that construction companies in California do not bid on these projects. This is due to massive threats of boycotts by liberal lawmakers in California against those companies, which might dare help build Trump’s “Border Wall”.

Roger wrote us last week:

Don’t be fooled by recent articles. Updates of a very ineffective, existing fence in a high traffic area is much, much better and more useful than building a brand new fence in a low traffic area. Updating the inadequate, old fence should occur first. There are hundreds of miles of old fence that should be a priority and needs to be replaced.

Last week we posted…
New Data on Current Wall Construction: New 15-Mile, 30-Foot-High Secondary Border Fence Continues Near San Diego

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