Unhinged Lunatic Assaults, Threatens Gateway Pundit Reporter Jacob Engels at Florida Women’s March (VIDEO)

My Day at the Florida Women’s March

By Jacob Engels

Earlier today, I attended the Women’s March of Central Florida in Downtown Orlando. Sadly, as expected, it was a coven gathering for several hundred unhinged feminists, beta-male enablers, and impressionable youth. All were in the late stages of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

In the past few weeks, Gateway Pundit has exposed both the national Woman’s March and the Central Florida chapter for ties to radical anti-Semites. Even the DNC has distanced itself from and denounced the movement as a whole, after co-founder Tameka Mallory refused to condemn Hitler-lover and Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan.

After confronting the attendees of the Orlando event, the Orlando Police Department issued a trespass order against me for violating a rarely enforced “noise ordinance” that City of Orlando Parks and Recreation employees claimed I was violating. Abiding by their request, I removed myself from Lake Eola Park, patiently waiting outside the fence for other counter protesters and journalists to finish their live-streams.

And that is when I was first approached by an unidentified woman, who was one of the co-organizers and vendors of the Women’s March. She lobbed a homophobic comment my way before darting away, returning several minutes later.

That’s when things got heated and REALLY WEIRD. Upon returning, she burst into song. Predictably, it was full of shrieking and unbearable singing.

Following her first “performance” (YES.. THAT MEANS YOU WILL SEE HER AGAIN), the crazed feminist launched into a profanity-laced tirade and told me that if she had a gun that she would shoot me.

This is the Women’s March. This is the modern Democrat. This is the alt-left. If they don’t like your opinion or being challenged in their myriad of ever-changing “feelings”, THEY WANT YOU DEAD.

Behold… crazed feminist in all her glory. If you thought this was as low as she could go, or as low as the Women’s March could go, you’d be wrong.

Immediately after this I was approached by a man who identifies as “Marky Dred”, a perfect specimen of hipster scum… dreadlocks and all! He reportedly also goes by “Mark Stephen Shipley”, but as a friend pointed out, that sounds more like a trust fund brat than a moldy dread-locks bearing social justice warrior… hence his “Marky Dred” moniker.

He immediately began assaulting me along with wife / lover, Denise Diaz, a Chicago raised community organizer who cut her teeth in politics in Obama’s old stomping ground on the Southside. She is a board member of the National Jobs with Justice and serves as the executive director of the Central Florida Jobs with Justice outfit. Both are radical alt-left groups.

Marky Dred cut my finger during the altercation and was later discovered to have been carrying hypodermic needles, according to conversations I overheard as the police questioned him. I will be pressing charges and am currently trying to figure out if my injury was caused by his claws or a tainted needle.


During my time speaking with authorities, the crazed feminist had another meltdown when she saw a man wearing a “Clintons’ War On Women” t-shirt touting (Roger Stone’s epic tome exposing Bill Clinton’s rapist past) with a group of Proud Boys engaging in a peaceful counter-protest.

The crazed woman began telling them to “F*CK HER IN THE ASS”, as she wore her “NOT MY PRESIDENT” t-shirt.

Crazed feminist also told them that if she had a gun, that she would shoot the whole lot of em. And that’s when a fellow Women’s March attendee tried to calm her down and bring her back to reason. The crazed feminist told the older gentlemen to buzz off, stating she wasn’t going to listen to some “OLD WHITE F*CK” with an Obama hat on.


In a historically epic conclusion, the deranged wowan could not stand being asked if she was illegal or not and proclaimed that she was a “HOLOCAUST REFUGEE” and started screaming that the protesters were “NAZI PIECES OF SH*T.”

So the next time someone tells you that the Women’s March is full of great people and that modern feminism “empowers women”, show them this. The only thing that this movement empowers is one’s ability to access the utterly batsh*t crazy part of yourself and reach depths of insanity that few ever return from.

If the “future is female” in America and these are the “females” / male enablers that come with it… it’s time to move. Thank you to the Proud Boys for joining me at the march and making sure that everyone was safe. Had they not been there, I fear myself and other journalists would have faced serious bodily harm.

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