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Ted Cruz Says Democrats Are Treating Impeachment As a ‘Political Tactic’

Sen. Ted Cruz says Democrats are treating impeachment as a political weapon. 

“What the House Democrats are doing is they’re just treating impeachment as a political tactic,” Cruz said Tuesday during an event at The Heritage Foundation. 

“Impeachment was meant to be an extraordinary measure,” Cruz said at the event, which was cohosted by the Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women. “It was not simply meant to be a tool for one party to attack the other party.”

“If this becomes the standard,” he added, “every president going forward will be impeached, whenever the House is in the opposing party.”

The House is expected to vote on impeaching President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

On Monday, the House Judiciary Committee released a 658-page report detailing the two articles of impeachment it is bringing against Trump. 

“i think what we’ve seen in the House of Representatives and partisan politics is not a new occurrence in Washington, but their behavior in the House has reached a new low because what has occurred there is utterly devoid from facts,” Cruz said. 

Cruz said the impeachment proceedings in the House have done anything but follow proper procedure. 

“The House proceedings were blatantly one-sided. It was a partisan show trial,” Cruz said.

“The White House wasn’t allowed to cross-examine witnesses,” he continued, adding, “And the Republicans were not allowed to call their own witnesses. And so it was entirely a one-sided evidentiary case.”

Cruz, who said he expects the Senate to start its impeachment trial in January, said he thinks the Senate will be more fair. 

“We’re going to respect due process, unlike how the House did. Now what does that mean? That means both sides present their cases,” Cruz said.   

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