Media Misses: Peddling a ‘Manufactured Crisis’ Narrative

The mainstream media has done it again. If you watched President Donald Trump’s Oval Office address to the nation, you might be wondering: “Is there a crisis at the southern border?” But if you tuned into the news media’s coverage, you were led to believe that it’s a “manufactured crisis.”

First, networks debated whether to carry the president’s formal prime-time address live, and now the mainstream media’s go-to talking point is that the Trump administration “manufactured” a crisis. Well, the United States does face a humanitarian and security crisis on our border with Mexico—regardless of whether the media wants to admit it.

An estimated 60,000 unaccompanied children crossed that border over the course of one year. Law enforcement seized 2,400 pounds of the deadly drug fentanyl in one year—that’s enough to kill millions of Americans.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2017 “more than 15,000 people died of drug overdoses involving heroin in the United States.” That’s about 288 deaths per week. Mexico is the primary source of heroin in the United States, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

So these are the facts, and unlike the mainstream media, we’ll let you decide what to do with them.  

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