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Larry C Johnson: Bruce Ohr 302s

Guest post by Larry C. Johnson

If you have not had time to peruse the redacted Bruce Ohr 302s (a FD-302 is the report an FBI agent enters into the FBI records system after interviewing a source) here you go. Your own reader’s digest version. These are presented chronologically. Note, there are two or three dates associated with each report. The first is the date that the interview took place. The other two is either the date the report was drafter and/or entered into the FBI computer system).

In reviewing these 302s there are some salient points I want to bring to your attention.

First, Christopher Steele was terminated as an FBI Confidential Human Source at the end of September 2016 for leaking to the press. That should have put an end to the relationship. Instead, the FBI starts using Bruce Ohr, the number four guy at the Department of Justice, as a cutout. Absolutely  no justification for this kind of behavior by the FBI. It is, at a minimum, unethical and creates a real problem if any of the info collected from Ohr was to be used in a court proceeding. Something known as the “fruit of the poisonous tree” would kick in and the so-called evidence proffered by Ohr would be inadmissible or unusable because of Steele’s previous lies to the FBI.

Second, Glenn Simpson played a huge role in helping spread anti-Trump propaganda generated by Steele. In fact, it was Simpson’s insistence on Steele speaking with the press that got Steele terminated as an FBI source.