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Hispanic Voters At The White House Chant “Four More Years! Four More Years!” (VIDEO)

This is something which should strike fear in the heart of every Democrat.

During a recent reception for Hispanic Heritage Month at the White House, attendees applauded for Trump and Pence and chanted for four more years.

You won’t see this on CNN.

CNS News reports:

Hispanic Crowd at White House Reception Chants ‘Four More Years!’

The Hispanic crowd at Friday’s White House Hispanic Heritage Month reception chanted, “Four more years!” when President Donald Trump was introduced.

“Everybody here: Hispanic or Hispanic-American – who isn’t?” Trump asked the crowd, drawing applause, acknowledging one “man of faith” who identified himself as non-Hispanic.

“I will always be with you,” Trump promised Hispanic Americans, adding, “And, I think you know that, maybe, better than anybody knows it”:

“Well, thank you all for being here today. And I’m delighted to once again celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with you at the White House. Right? (Applause.)

“This evening, we come together to honor the devotion, and the drive, and the faith, and genius, and exceptional achievements of our incredible Hispanic-American community, right? (Applause.)

“Everybody here — Hispanic and/or Hispanic American — who isn’t? (Applause.) Do we have anybody? Do we have anybody who isn’t? I don’t think so. How are you? Great man of faith. Great.

“Hispanic Americans have been a big part of our national story from the very, very beginning of our country.

Watch the video (link here):

Trump has been working hard to court the Hispanic vote for 2020.

FOX News recently reported:

Trump campaign aims to use immigration, trade to win Hispanic vote in 2020

President Trump’s campaign team thinks he has a shot at winning New Mexico with a message on immigration and trade.

At a rally in Rio Rancho on Monday, the president hammered home the point that his administration has done more to reverse what he called “calamitous” trade policies than any other administration in history.

“Your state lost 33 percent of its manufacturing jobs after NAFTA was signed,” Trump told the crowd on Monday. “This was one of the great catastrophes and now we’re replacing NAFTA with the brand new U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement: USMCA.”

New Mexico’s economy has depended heavily on the energy sector and has experienced a boom in recent months.

Trump’s appeal is that he stands for all Americans.

It’s part of the reason he won in 2020.

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