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Donald Trump Jr Stands By Tucker Carlson in Ilhan Omar and Left’s Boycott Attack

Donald Trump Jr. spoke put in support of Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson after Rep. Ilhan Omar and leftist activists (D-MN) called for an advertiser boycott of Carlson after he sharply criticized her as an example of grave problems with America’s immigration system.

Donald Trump Jr. addresses the Trump 2020 kickoff rally at the Amway Center, Orlando, FL, June 18, by Kristinn Taylor

Trump commented about Carlson’s op-ed based on remarks he made on his Fox show Wednesday night.

“This OpEd from @TuckerCarlson is spot on. When did constantly attacking America, a country that has lifted more people from poverty & saved more people from the horrors of totalitarianism than any country in history, become so common in the Democrat Party?”

Excerpt from Carlson’s op-ed praised by Trump:

Like many of you, we’ve been watching with amazement and alarm as the leaders of the Democratic Party, day after day, attack the country they say they want to govern.

It’s remarkable, and a very new development. Just a few years ago, even the most liberal Democrats in Congress felt obligated to say patriotic things about America. They may not have felt it, but they said it. Now, it’s routine to hear Democratic presidential candidates question the basic legitimacy of the United States.

Even supposed moderates, like Joe Biden, join in.

That should worry you. No country can survive being ruled by people who hate it. We deserve better. For all of our country’s flaws, this is still the best place in the world. Most immigrants know that and that is why they come here. It’s also why we’ve always been glad to have them here.

But now, there are signs that some people who move here from abroad don’t like this country at all. As we told you last night, one of those people now serves in our Congress.

Think about that for a minute. Our country rescued Ilhan Omar from the single poorest place on Earth. We didn’t do it for the money, we did it because we are kind people. How did she respond to the remarkable gift we gave her?

She scolded us, called us names, showered us with contempt. It’s infuriating. More than that, it is also ominous. The United States admits more immigrants more than any other country on Earth, more than a million every year. The Democratic Party demand we increase that by and admit far more. OK, Americans like immigrants, but immigrants have got to like us back.

That’s the key, it’s essential. Otherwise, the country falls apart.

End excerpt. Please read the complete Tucker Carlson op-ed at this link.

Video clips from Wednesday posted by Carlson:

Comments by Carlson on Tuesday that ignited the controversy,as posted by Media Matters hitman, Andrew Lawrence.

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