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Detained Illegal Aliens Sue US Government Over Conditions, Medical Care

Detained illegal aliens filed a class action lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security and ICE on Monday for ignoring their medical needs.

Disability and civil rights advocates said in the suit that the detainees are placed in isolation and denied medical treatment.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of 15 illegal immigrants from countries such as Sudan and Mexico living in eight difference facilities, many of whom are fighting deportation.

One detainee from the Middle East alleges he was denied a wheelchair and another claims he has not been provided with an interpreter.

Via Associated Press:

 Immigrants held in U.S. detention facilities filed a lawsuit Monday decrying what they called shoddy medical care and a failure by authorities to provide accommodations for disabilities.

The problems harm disabled immigrants and threaten anyone in one of Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s more than 50,000 detention beds who winds up getting sick or isolated from other detainees, said Monica Porter, staff attorney at Disability Rights Advocates, one of the organizations that filed the suit.

“ICE cannot simply contract with third parties to operate its detention centers and then wash its hands of the deplorable, unlawful conditions in those detention centers,” said Tim Fox, co-executive director of the Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center.

The number of immigrants in detention has grown in recent years. There are currently an average 55,000 immigrants in detention each day, according to ICE.

Last month six migrant (illegal alien) families filed a lawsuit against the Trump Administration seeking $3 million each saying they need money to pay for medical care and counseling to pay for the “torture” they endured over last year’s so-called ‘family separations.’

Five out of the six families illegally crossed the border and were arrested and the sixth family showed up to a port of entry without permission.

So the illegals invade the US and because they get arrested and don’t receive top notch healthcare, they respond by suing the US government. Welcome to 2019.

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