Women’s March Wackos Are Following The Crowd, Just Like Real Women


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Watching all the coverage from the “Women’s Marches” from across the nation, one can be excused from having redux reactions of bad memories from middle school and high school where the A-list mean girls decided to band together and make everyone around them feel bad for no reason whatsoever.

Back in school, if one wasn’t wearing Jordache jeans, one was on the receiving end of ridicule. Nowadays at the women’s marches, the couture du jour is fake genitalia and bright pink hats meant to symbolize genitalia with bare chests adorned with pasties.

And these ladies complain about not being respected.

But, the real question remains, what do these women want and what are they protesting. When asked, not many can come up with an actual explanation.

Street reporter Austen Fletcher, who goes by “Fleccas,” attended the LA Women’s March on Saturday to let the fine folks in genitalia hats explain why they were out protesting. The women and their male “allies” had no clear message, as you might expect, though there was talk of white guilt, a women’s “right” to kill an unborn child up until birth, the widely debunked “gender pay gap,” hatred for President Trump (he’s unqualified because he’s “never been president before”), and signs calling for the murder of Trump and Vice President Pence.

Missing from these “empowered” women’s mouths were any words about the women currently suffering at the hands of oppressive regimes. One woman, who was holding a sign boasting the famous image of a Muslim woman in an American flag hijab, went as far as to explicitly state that she was not out protesting in solidarity with the women of Iran.

From this man’s reporting, it sounds like the women’s march is an outlet for Trump Derangement Syndrome using shock actions and showing off body parts that no one really wants to see. A regular feature of signage at the events also featured creative use of profanity for profanity’s sake. The plight of ladies around the globe truly oppressed by regimes and religions just because they can be (no, this does NOT include the Catholic Church or most Christian groups) does not seem to register with them.

“So, obviously I’m not Muslim so I feel like I can’t speak for Muslim women, but I did take a Middle Eastern Studies class this past semester, and one of the things I learned is that the hijab really got a negative image from white colonists.”

Oh, to be so open-minded that one’s brain falls out.

Well, if the Women’s March Movement is really a popularity contest, it would behoove the men of America to seek out the wallflowers who cover themselves tastefully. The Pussy Hat crowd are really just mean girls in disguise.

It is so hard to just choose ONE video illustrating the nasty, vulgar, ignorance of the people who claim to be “protesting” at this march… They sound as though they are really just wondering aimlessly down the street together…

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