TOP 10 Smartest Fox News BABES: Who is Hottest? You Decide!

Fox News Babes

Below is DC Gazette’s ULTIMATE List of our Top 10 SMARTEST FOX NEWS BABES

Every day the steamy Fox News Anchors report, and you decide. Today we will report on them, and YOU decide which FNC anchor is hottest! Leave feedback in the comments and we will re-rank our TOP 10 based on your picks!

#10 Julie Banderas

Julie Banderas remains on the job at Fox News and can be seen on most weekend and sometimes during the week on special assignments.


banderas2 banderas3

#9 Pattie Ann Browne

Pattie Ann Browne also remains on the job and is mostly seen on the air delivering special reports.

browne3 browne2 browne


#8 Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly got off to a good start at Fox News and was a favorite for some time until the 2016 Presidential Campaign started. She very well may have been one of President Trump’s first examples of how things work out—or fail to work out—for those who take that famous first swing at him. Megyn’s career is not doing all that well these days.

kelly kelly2 kelly3


#7 Anna Kooiman

Anna Kooiman… What Fox News fan could ever forget her? Anna was doing the morning show Fox and Friends briefly before she left Fox News and ran off to Austrailia with her husband. Yup, that’s right I’m sure all the Fox fans know it but she met the love of her life who was from across the pond and it was not long after the marriage she announced she was leaving. She has started a website that is about fitness and highlighted her pregnancy on the page and other life things. She has made some guest appearances since leaving and will probably return on occasion.




#6 Jamie Colby

Jamie Colby remains with Fox News and is having a good deal of success with her Strange Inheritance program on the Fox Business Channel.

colby2 colby4 colby3


#5 Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith is currently a host on the Outnumbered program on Fox News Channel during the week at the noon lunch hour. The show consists of four beautiful ladies and one man—who is Outnumbered.

 smith smith2 smith4

#4 Jenna Lee

The beautiful Jenna Lee has left Fox News but when she left she hinted at some other project and we could see her appear again somewhere at some point in the future. Her Navy Seal husband has co-hosted a couple of the War Story programs with Oliver North.

 lee lee2 lee4

#3 Kimberly Guilfoyle

Kimberly Guilfoyle, a favorite Fox News babe of pretty much everyone is still with Fox and can be seen weekly on the Five at 5 p.m daily. I am still waiting for her to slap whoever the token liberal happens to be one of these days, though Juan Williams does not seem to get under her skin as much as Bob Beckel did… I thought for sure she was going to end up breaking his jaw one day. LOL

 kim kim3 kim5 kim6


#2 Katie Pavlich

Katie Pavlich still appears on Fox News and has been a fairly regular host of the lunchtime Outnumbered program and is a frequent member of various panels.

 pavlich pavlich2 pavlich3 pavlich4

#1 Andrea Tantaros

Andrea Tantaros is sadly no longer with Fox News. It was rumored that Prozac prescriptions went up drastically after she quit appearing on Fox and she is missed. She became one of the most outspoken about the sexual harassment scandal at Fox News and refused to accept any cash settlements wanting to have a day in court to expose what was taking place at Fox News. I think she is still involved in litigation. Clearly, she is not only a beautiful and smart young lady, but she is feisty as well… Approach with caution. LOL


 tantaros2 tantaros3 tantaros4 tantaros5 tantarosmain