This Is How Parents Use Lemonade Stand To Indoctrinate Their Children

Across the country of late, there have been a number of tickets issued to parents who allow their children to operate capitalistic lemonade stands for profit without a permit. It’s not right, according to local governments, for parents to let their children learn how to navigate the art of selling by sitting behind a table on the sidewalk pedaling individual glasses of lemonade.

But, it seems, in one town in Georgia, the traditional lemonade stand is just fine if the people running it are giving all proceeds to a non-profit that perpetuates the illegal immigration narrative:

When a mother told her 6-year-old son about how agents were separating families at the border, his first words were “Kids in jail?”

Shannon Gaggero then explained to her son what was happening and how people around the country were trying to reunite the families.

So the Atlanta boy decided he wanted to help too — by selling lemonade

Gaggero loved the idea, she said — not just of a physical stand but also a virtual one. She hoped to raise at least $1,000.

They ended up raising $13,283.

The sidewalk effort was augmented by the use of computerized virtual fundraising (that no six year old could possibly know how to manipulate) and has spawned spin-off and copycat fundraising efforts. Gaggero’s family is donating their loot, uh, profits, too:

RAICES, a nonprofit in Texas that offers free and low-cost legal services to immigrants and refugees. (RAICES is also the beneficiary of a campaign created by a California couple who have raised more than $20 million in just two weeks.)

So, not only is this mom claiming to teach her children about the importance of keeping families together, but she is openly teaching her child to donate money to a group that facilitates illegal immigration, not that she’s likely to see it that way. All she knows is that she is helping people in need.

There’s plenty of native-born Americans who could use that sort of help as well.

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