The Main Reason To NOT Take Dogs To The Beach – Saltwater Poisoning

When experienced dog owners think about potential poisons their beloved pets can ingest, it’s usually the standard list that is considered. Chocolate, onions, potatoes, etc. Usually, very few think of salt water. But, after a day at the beach with his dog cost him his beloved lab, one Florida man is sharing his story.

As Chris studied at USF to become a high school teacher, O.G. was always right there, waiting patiently for dad to put away the books, so they could get to the beach – which is exactly what the two did on Monday. They soaked up the sun and played for hours in the water at Honeymoon Island dog beach.

Then, that night, the problems began.

The lab began having stomach issues with diarrhea and vomiting. On Tuesday, O.G. was eating and drinking a bit, but lethargic. Chris kept a close eye on him, even boiling chicken and rice for him to eat.

Then, on Wednesday, things took a dramatic turn. The pup became critical. He wasn’t eating. He wasn’t responding. He was in a daze, wandering around, staring blankly into the corner. Chris knew he had to act fast. He rushed him to the vet.

Sadly, it was too late.

O.G was dying of salt water poisoning. This story should serve as a warning. Veterinarians do see many cases of saltwater poisoning every year. Salt is toxic for a dog’s brain. Usually, by the time the dog is taken in to be looked at, the process is irreversible.

Avoiding the beach with canine friends is probably the best course, but if a family wanted to take their pet, short trips are advisable.

[Longtime veterinarian Dr. Katy Meyer from Tampa Bay Emergency Veterinary Services] offers this crucial advice: If you want to take your dog to the beach, limit the trip to two hours, taking breaks every thirty minutes with plenty of fresh water for your four-legged family member.

It could save your little one’s life.

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