Sorry, Nancy, This Shutdown Is On The Democrats

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Nothing ever changes. The Democrats think the Republicans will shy away from a government shutdown, so they hold a line and don’t give in, and then run to the microphones proclaiming that it’s all the Republicans’ fault.

Well, this time, January of 2018, that will not work. Anyone who is paying attention to the details of the entire mess knows that the issue the Democrats wanted passed was amnesty for their illegal alien voters. All reports say that there was no negotiating happening even if the recipients of the lack of funds to run the government aren’t even American citizens. That didn’t stop Nimrod Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, from running to an unfiltered mic (okay Twitter) and spouting the narrative anyway.

Really, the woman has had entirely too much botox. She’s delusional. Does it not sink into her really hard head for a liberal that the American people actually voted for President Donald Trump to stop the very practices that allow the DACA squatters to remain within the borders of the country? And the Democrats won’t deal? This shutdown is not on Trump who negotiated in good faith. It’s on those who would not come to the table with anything other than “We want our way or we go home.”

And then, in the ultimate form of being a school-yard bully and A-list mean girl queen:

In Pelosi’s full statement she bragged about protecting illegal invaders (DREAMERS):

“President Trump and Congressional Republicans’ obsession with passing a tax scam to benefit the wealthiest and corporations has blinded them to their responsibilities to the American people. Despite controlling the House, Senate and White House, the Republicans are so incompetent, so negligent that they couldn’t get it together to keep government open.

“President Trump said of President Obama at the time of the 2013 GOP Government Shutdown, ‘the problems start from the top and have to get solved from the top… The President is the leader, and he’s got to get everybody in a room and he’s got to lead.’

“Now as President, President Trump tweets that ‘our country needs a good shutdown.’ There is no such thing as a good shutdown of government. Republicans’ total inability to govern is once again threatening our economy, weakening communities, and dangerously depriving the military of the certainty they need to keep our nation safe.

“I am proud of House and Senate Democrats’ unity in insisting on a budget that supports our military and the domestic investments that keep our nation strong, and that honors our values by protecting the DREAMers.

“I hope that we can now conduct bipartisan negotiations where we find our common ground to honor our responsibility to meet the needs of the American people.”

Oh, stuff it, Nancy. We the people want the law followed and Americans’ needed tended to before the squatters. If you can’t get that through your botox poisoned brain, maybe it’s time you stepped down, because you are obviously not on the people’s side.

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