Snowflakes Freak Out Over Giraffe Killing By A Conservationist

Sometimes, pictures that are posted on social media and they are used out of context by a third party with a liberal bent cause useless trouble. An American woman who hunts big game is finding that out.

In 2017, Tess Thompson Talley was on the hunt in an African park where big game hunting is allowed. She spotted and stalked an older bull black giraffe, the South African subspecies of the animal, and bagged it. She posted her pictures with her prize on social media.

In a since-deleted Facebook post, Talley wrote that she spotted a “rare black giraffe bull and stalked him for quite awhile.”

“I knew it was the one,” she said. “He was over 18 years old, 4,000 lbs and was blessed to be able to get 2,000 lbs of meat from him.”

In an email to Fox News, Talley defended her decision to kill the animal. “The giraffe I hunted was the South African sub-species of a giraffe. The numbers of this sub-species are actually increasing due, in part, to hunters and conservation efforts paid for in large part by big game hunting. The breed is not rare in any way other than it was very old. Giraffes get darker with age,” she told the news outlet.

AfricLand Post, a publication with a definite leftist bent, found the photos despite the post being deleted and tweeted it out complete with Ms. Talley’s name.

Thus, the internet went nuts.

However, according to one commenter at The Hill, the “American Savage” actually did the right thing for the overall survival of that species.

Tom Austin CWB • an hour ago
What is wrong with you people? This was a conservation act. It was thought out and approved by the biologists and the rangers of the area. They “permitted” (i.e. sold a tag for) the act to a hunter to make money for the park and animal conservation. The animal was to be euthanized by either the hunter paying the park 35k plus the cost of guides and other expenses going to the local economy or by a ranger for none of those benefits. The biologists had determined that while this older could not breed it could stop the two younger males from breeding. This is why people that don’t take the time to read and comprehend articles or who have no idea of wildlife management ( and what it takes in these African countries to get funding) should not pass judgment on others. So get off your PETA high horse and think about what this meant for the park, that specific herd and the species in general, let alone the unnecessary and unearned ridicule this woman has been subject to for just helping a conservation effort and realizing a dream of an African “hunt” at the same time.

Ms. Tulley talks about the amount of meat available after the kill indicating that the animal was going to be used for something other than stuffing.

The reality of this story is the farther away from an agrarian and farm-based society we are, the less we understand about animals and conservation. This episode in snowflake meltdowns of the twenty-first century is case in point.

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