Queen Of England To Find New Bra Fitter



There isn’t much more sacred than the secrets between a woman and her bra fitter. Seriously. There’s a reason all women go into a room and draw a curtain to have their knockers twisted into a bunch with every bra that gets tried. It can be a humiliating experience.

And it is one that does not need to be made public.

Just ask the Queen of England. Somebody at the Royal Bra Maker spilled the beans on Her Majesty’s gazoombas, and she is none too happy about it.

Rigby & Peller, a luxury underwear firm founded in London, had held the royal warrant since 1960.

It was withdrawn after June Kenton, who fitted bras for the Queen, released a book called ‘Storm in a D-Cup’.

Mrs Kenton said there was “nothing” in the book to “be upset about”, adding that it was an “unbelievable” decision.

Buckingham Palace said it did not “comment on individual companies”.

A statement from Rigby & Peller said it was “deeply saddened” by the decision, adding it was “not able to elaborate further on the cancellation out of respect for her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Warrant Holders Association”.

D-cup? Who knew.

At any rate, there is little doubt that Her Majesty’s famed stiff upper lip quivered uncontrollably when the world found out the secrets of her lingerie. Well, one of them anyway, and contrary to Mrs. Kenton’s contention, it is a big deal when one is not using one’s assets as a selling tool.

Now that the Royal Bra Fitter has been jettisoned, where does the Queen go for fittings? No announcement has been made, but rest assured, the new Royal Bra Fitter will never be as blase as Mrs. Kenton when it comes to cups that may or may not runneth over.

“I’m very sad Buckingham Palace took exception to the story – it’s a kind and gentle story about what went on in my life,” she said.

“I only ever said I went there, not what happened. I have never, ever spoken about what I do there with her, or the Queen Mother or Princess Margaret.”

But still…

Some things the world just does not need to know.

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