Project Veritas Exposes More Clinton Corruption – $20,000 Foreign Donation To Finance Thugs

Video Below

Project Veritas delved further into the sleazy world of the Clinton campaign and the Democrat Party, exposing more of the role dirty money and corruption play in their daily operations. In their latest video, Bob Creamer is once again playing a prominent role as the facilitator of the shady deals, the guy who makes it happen and coordinates between various aspects and segments of the Democrat cesspool.

He handles the donation of $20 thousand dollars through an anonymous bank account in Belize, something done by Project Veritas in the interest of purchasing credibility with the criminal Clinton / Obama operation.

Creamer is seen bragging on the video about having known Hussein Obama since he was a community organizer in Chicago. He also boasts, “Every morning, I am on a call a call at 10:30 that goes over the message being driven by the campaign headquarters. I do a lot of work for the White House.”

Creamer admits that they received the money in one of the recordings and apologizes from not notifying his donor and thanking them more promptly. In addition to acting as the middle man for favors and connections in exchange for donations, Creamer also describes some of his thuggery done on behalf of Hillary Clinton to a potential donor. He says, “I’m a consultant to the Clinton campaign. Wherever Trump or Pence go in the country, we make sure that there are press events, in the TV market or whatever, whether they are big turnout or little turnouts, whatever, that drive our message wherever the candidate goes to drive his message.”

He continues, “So that, in any given day, they will be between them in probably six places. So our team makes sure there are events in all of those six places every day. So it is a lot of events, and we try to help define the other candidate.”

Distort and smear are synonyms for define for Mr. Creamer and the Clinton Campaign. As for the $20,000, once the Clinton camp learned of the Project Veritas undercover operation, they returned the money, suddenly concerned had may have an illegal foreign donation.