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It’s beginning to sound like war is going to break out at Fox News.  Well, at least among the Irish assets.  (Yes, it’s complicated. Trust someone who is more Irish than anything else.) The verbally pugilistic prime time talking heads come at their jobs from different perspectives.  Okay, that’s fine.  But go the disloyal route, and at least one of the outspoken Irish is going to call you out.

So it seemed was the case with Bill O’Reilly who appeared on CBS This Morning with best selling author James Patterson to talk about his own children’s book on manners which was just published. O’Reilly was asked about Megyn Kelly and some of the allegations she makes in HER book about Fox News, and he took a stance that started to sound like picking a fight.

WHEW! He is talking about Megyn Kelly who has been yakking about the internal atmosphere at Fox News in her “memoirs.”  (Uh, Megyn, you’re too young to be writing memoirs.  Too unimportant, too, even if you don’t believe that.)  Really, O’Reilly does have a point.  If you have a problem in the workplace, complaining about it so publicly is not the way to address the issue.  In fact, that action really should be a fireable offense.  (Point of fact, people have been fired for such things.)  For those of us who have our issues with Megyn Kelly – mainly that she dresses like she should be standing on a street corner, and doesn’t know when to retrench her interests – this was really rather refreshing to see.

Bill O’Reilly and his style are not for everyone, but his position is completely defensible.  Sexual harassment is only considered so if the attentions are unwanted.  Why it took multi-million dollar lawsuits settle out of court to expose such an atmosphere – if it really exists – is another question.  If O’Reilly was not involved, even if he knew, staying out of the fray is the best course of action until one is called to a witness stand.

Now, time to make snacks before the next round.

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