Omarosa Escapes The Big Brother Asylum

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Those who do not follow reality television, or any network television for that matter, will be forgiven for saying, “Who the heck is Omarosa?” while wondering why she dissed the Trump administration.

Well, as it happens Omarosa Manigault is one of the “celebrities” currently hanging out in the Big Brother house on CBS. Prior to this, she was a staffer in the Trump White House. Earlier in the week, she did an interview with Ross Matthews, a fellow inmate on Celebrity Big Brother, and talked trash about the president and his methods.

While lounging in the backyard, Ross gently approaches the topic of why exactly Omarosa accepted the invitation to serve in the president’s administration, to which she responded by saying, “I felt like it was a call to duty. I felt like I was serving my country.”

Ross nods, appearing to now understand the untraditional appointment, but he appears to grow more concerned when Omarosa describes how she was “tortured” by the administration’s tweets on a daily basis.

When asked whether there’s anyone in the administration that keeps POTUS in-check, Omarosa says she tried to be that person, but she was attacked and eventually ostracized by the President’s closest allies….

“I’d like to say, ‘It’s not my circus, not my monkeys,” says Omarosa, while wiping tears from her eyes. “I’d like to say, ‘Not my problem,’ but I can’t say that because… it’s bad.”

Ross takes a moment before asking, “Should we be worried?”

Omarosa nods, which causes Ross to beg for some kind of reassurance that maybe there’s still hope for positive change, but she can’t offer any words of encouragement.

“It’s not going to be okay,” Omarosa says, looking down at the couch, still shaking her head. “It’s not. It’s so bad.”

So bad that the woman went from there to a reality TV show?


Anyway, after that little dis bomb, the lady decided to take a break, uh was hospitalized with an undisclosed injury or illness (news reports were not clear) on Saturday.

Omarosa apparently had a rough time during a Head of Household competition on “Celebrity Big Brother” … and got sent to the hospital for treatment.

The ‘CBB’ live feeds went down Friday night during the competition — where the houseguests reportedly had to get dizzy and bowl — but when they came back … fans found out Omarosa was taken to the hospital, and is possibly still there.

She escaped.

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