Nativity Scene Used In The Most Disgraceful Way To Make A Political Statement

For anyone who knows the details of the story of the Nativity – that Joseph took his wife Mary to his hometown to be counted in a census, and while they were in Bethlehem the baby she was carrying, Jesus, decided to make His entrance into the world – the actions at Christ Church Cathedral in Indianapolis this week are beyond the pale.

The staff at the church put two statues from their nativity set on the lawn and surrounded them with chain link fencing. The symbolism is unmistakable, and trite, just like the reasoning to actually commit this heresy.

The display is part of Christ Church Cathedral’s “Every Family is Holy” campaign.

Near the caged Holy Family is a sign that reads, “#EveryFamilyIsHoly” and “CadaFamilyEsSagrada,” its Spanish equivalent.

“We think faithful people across all faiths, races, cultures … that we shouldn’t be divided,” Carlsen said.

The church has tried to advocate for immigrants through actions like accompanying them to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement check-ins, Carlsen said.

“According to the Golden Rule, we’re supposed to love our neighbors as we love ourselves,” he said.

Yes, but that doesn’t mean just open the borders and let anyone walk across. Many Americans, this writer included, descend from people who spent six months in quarantine on Ellis Island. At the time, it was the law of the land to protect the American public from disease epidemics. In the Bible, Joseph and Mary were following the law of the land where they lived. They were not illegal aliens. They were on their way to be counted, something this whole mess at the southern border avoids when those caught—and there is no room for them in the detention centers—are released into the wild with no way to track them.

The situations are nowhere close to the same. Not even the “no room” wording. In Biblical times, a house’s livestock was kept in the “manger” at ground level (that would be stable) and the common room was above it. The words for that space in the house have been translated as an “inn.” The inn was not a Marriott, but more like a family room during a party. A woman in labor looked for a quiet place to give birth, so she went downstairs.

It is not at all the same.


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