Melania Trump Outclasses NATO, Europe, Again

Watching the arrival of President Donald Trump and his wife Melania at the annual NATO summit made this writer proud to be an American. Not only do we have a leader who stands tall and is not afraid to call out allies for talking out of both sides of their mouths, but his wife just outclasses everyone else in any place she goes.

On Wednesday, Mrs. Trump exited the beast for the annual class photo wearing an elegant, summery, sleeveless tea length dress, flesh colored with a white cut out overlay, and, as usual, all fashion conscious people across America said, “Oh, wow.”

The first lady looked gorgeous in a sleeveless, tea-length Elie Saab cocktail dress made of sheer tulle that went down to her knees, per the White House pool report.

Melania completed the jaw-dropping look with loose hair and nude-colored high heels.

She and Trump greeted other world leaders and their spouses ahead of a dinner at The Park of the Cinquantenaire.

And, simply, as usual, Melania outshone everyone else on the risers.

Earlier in the day, Mrs. Trump attended a concert with the other consorts of NATO leaders.

There, she and 10 other spouses were given a tour of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, a training center for gifted young musicians housed in a modernistic glass building.

Mrs. Trump, 48, wore a navy blue sleeveless Calvin Klein calf-length dress with white and green detail on one collarbone and white Christian Louboutin heels with their trademark red soles. Klein is an all-American fashion house but its chief creative officer, Raf Simons, is Belgian.

This is a woman who understands diplomacy.

She is also one connected enough in the fashion world to be able to close her eyes and point at a designer who can make her look even more beautiful and elegant than she already is.

And we in America claim her as ours. (Merkel and May, in contrast, were downright frumpy.)





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