Liberal CEOs Struggle To Give President Trump Credit For Tax Cuts

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For a number of weeks now, quite a few corporations have been announcing increased wages, benefits and bonuses for their employee’s thanks to the savings they get from the tax package passed by a Republican Congress and signed by President Trump. Walmart, Starbucks, Apple Computer, and more are among the corporations whose CEOs openly disdained Donald Trump before he was elected, and now are reaping the benefits of him keeping one of his campaign promises.

This week, conservative media watchdog MRCTV aired a segment on “Reality Check” calling for these CEOs to openly acknowledge that, well, they were wrong. Hostess Brittany Hughes pulled no punches when it came to Starbucks:

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has had no problem expressing his open disdain for Donald Trump. Not only did he accuse the president of creating economic chaos during a staff meeting in Seattle last February, he also recently promised to hire 10,000 refugees just to thumb his nose at Trump’s immigration plan. Then again, this is the same guy whose company once tried to force its morning commute customers into having really awkward and random conversations about racism with total strangers. So he kind of has a habit of being really, really wrong about stuff.

And, as of this week, Starbucks is once again a place every slacker wants to work thanks to the benefits.

But that’s only part of the message and the correction that needs to come from the left on this issue. Several household name Democrats have called the extra cash in workers’ pockets a “scam” and “crumbs.” Maybe to them $1,000 is crumbs, but to people scrambling to make ends meet it can mean a cushion in a bank account, a down payment on a needed new car, a year’s worth of gas to commute to a job, paying off debts.

The extra money going to the American worker is not nothing, and it certainly wasn’t these people’s idea. It was President Trump’s.

It’s time that credit is given where it is due. President Donald Trump got his tax package passed and we are all benefiting from it. It would be nice for some CEOs to put on their big boy pants and admit it.

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