Joy Reid’s Delusional, One Woman Narrative Based On Pure Imagination

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Pure Imagination. It has to be. How else does one explain Joy Reid’s diatribe claiming that Republican-leaning news outlets are to blame for Senator Chuck Schumer and his gang of Democrats caving into the administration on voting to fund the government?

No kidding. The MSNBC inmate actually said that.

Since when? When since Watergate has the media spun ANYTHING in favor of Republicans, especially President Donald Trump? There is even objective proof that Reid’s statement is outright wishful thinking.

Now, in case you were wondering if Reid is living in an alternative universe, she is: just 7% of journalists identify as Republicans, as opposed to 18% in 2002 and 26% in 1971. And according to the Harvard Kennedy School Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy, the press coverage of President Trump has been unprecedentedly nasty: in the first 100 days of his administration, CNN and NBC covered bad news for Trump at a 13-1 rate over good news. That rate was paralleled by other left-leaning outlets.

And then, of course, Reid’s world of pure imagination has her convinced that something other than what really happened actually occurred. Her Twitter feed featured a string of posts claiming that in the end, the DEMOCRATS won the shutdown showdown even if DACA is still on the table and can be axed and that Republicans scored a victory on CHIP, something they wanted preserved.

Joy, honey, the Democrats got their shirts handed to them on Monday in humiliating fashion. The reality is that shutting down the government, and not paying the people keeping us safe and American citizens in favor of illegal aliens who have taken no steps to rectify that status was a losing move no matter which side made it. It just happened to be Democrats who were protecting a key voting demographic that actually contributes to the voter fraud Y’all don’t want to admit happens.

We the People saw that and sent bad vibes to Washington over it. Yes, DACA is still on the table for negotiation, but there is no guarantee that legislation won’t happen between now and February 8 that will change the status of the people who live here under its blanket. Honestly, Schumer and the Democrats painted themselves into a corner, and Trump called their bluff.

That’s what happens in the big leagues.

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