Eagles’ Player Refuses To Accept White House Invite If They Win The Superbowl.

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The disrespect continues. In a press conference on Wednesday, Philidelphia Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith says he will refuse the invitation to the White House if his team wins the Superbowl. Is this even surprising anymore? Apparently, Torrey Smith was never a fan of the President. Last year he tweeted that the President is “the most divisive person in this entire country.” He also tweeted “Patriotism goes beyond a flag and an anthem.”

As most of us know, several athletes have been trying to make a statement by kneeling during the national anthem. Protesting police brutality in the minority community and racial inequality. Smith says that they are not protesting the anthem, but are protesting during the anthem. Which one is worse? Smith says he understands why people may be mad and offended when players kneel or sit during the anthem.

Torrey Smith’s father is an Army veteran and was brought up during the conference. He stated, ” My father when he dies, is going to be buried with an American flag draped around his casket, being that he served in the Army.” He then made a point that Soldiers are dealing with a lot of issues and it’s really affecting them, along with his father. He claims his father understands both sides of the issue.

Smith says that his goal is to try and clarify the demonstrations by the athletes playing in the NFL. He stated, “we’re willing to figure out what is right. We’re willing to work with people to find the best way to move forward because there are problems and we’re not shy about speaking up about them.” This seems a softer tone than how the very first NFL player to kneel, Colin Kaepernick, came about it. I’m sure the fact that Colin Kaepernick hasn’t had much luck in making millions again playing in the NFL may be a reason for the softer tone.

The people have pretty much spoken and are tired of the disrespect towards our flag and our President.