Don Jr. Uses Twitter To Stomp On Jake Tapper For Not Telling The Full McCabe Story


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Just what is in that memo that got Rep. Devin Nunes, and a handful of other Republican congresscritters all riled up? On Sunday evening, permission was given to FBI Director Christopher Wray to trek to the basement of the Capitol building to read the darn thing in a secure room, and BOOM! Less than 24 hours later, Andrew McCabe, the number two guy in the Bureau is out on his glutes.

Deputy Director Andrew McCabe got canned…or is retiring…something. At the time of this writing what the exact scenario is not clear.

What is clear, though, is the sniping coming from the people at the news outlets that refused to even report the memo story that’s been circulating at Fox News and the alternative conservative outlets for weeks.

To which the first son who is not afraid of the big, bad mainstream media responded.

And then there was this:

Really, Don Jr. was on a tirade all day on Monday. Whatever is in that memo is explosive, and it took McCabe’s departure from the FBI, however it happened, for the mainstream media to be forced to acknowledge “the memo” of #releasethememo fame.

That is Don Jr.’s point. The talking heads of the alphabet soup networks have their marching orders. Prior to Monday, it’s a good bet that most of their regular audiences had no idea there was a memo or any other document that was on the House of Representatives agenda to declassify that might shake the very foundation of the Republic. (Yes, folks, we have a Republic, NOT a Democracy.)  It is being voted on on the very day McCabe’s departure was made official.

Call the current administration a little on the dramatic side, but, seriously, even Hollywood moguls couldn’t write a script this intriguing without a little treason in the works.

Stay tuned.

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