DOJ Sides With Crooked FBI, Tells Oversight NOT To Release Memo

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First, we heard from Rep. Devin Nunes that there is an explosive memo that all Americans should see. It was loaded with the sort of thing that could put the Republic in danger.

Then we heard, oh, no, that memo can’t be released. Nope. It’s classified, and so is the background material on which it is based…which of course is why that documentation is supposedly available on the internet.

Now we hear from Rep. Adam Schiff that there is ANOTHER memo, and well…

On Thursday evening, Democrat Adam Schiff announced that in the aftermath of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes’ much-ballyhooed memo on supposed malfeasance inside the FBI and Department of Justice regarding FISA issues involved in the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, he had a memo of his own. That memo, he suggested, would rebut the suggestions in Nunes’ memo that the Mueller investigation was fatally flawed from the outset by bias inside our intelligence agencies.

The Washington Post reports:

“We need to produce our own memo that lays out the actual facts and show how the majority memo distorts the work of the FBI and the Department of Justice,” Schiff said in a telephone interview. If the GOP goes public with its document, he added, Democrats would insist that their memo also be publicized. “I don’t support that step,” Schiff said, noting his concern that releasing any of this information could have diplomatic and intelligence-gathering repercussions.

This memo-gate business is getting out of hand. Obviously, there is some sort of there there that Schiff doesn’t want out in the open. He also doesn’t want anyone questioning the Mueller investigation that is producing little to no results. Something in the swamp is really fishy if this battle of the memos is capturing headlines when the people really would rather have a wall on the southern border and no funding seems to be forthcoming.

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