Convenience Store Robbers Prove Today’s Criminals Are Downright Dumb

Long time members of the nation’s police forces claim that the criminal class has really dumbed down from former generations. The most recent example of this stupidity comes to us from our neighbors to the north. It seems a man and a woman attempted an armed robbery in a convenience store in Alberta (yes, it’s a big province), and well…

Long story short … the cop busts out his taser to take down the guy. Meanwhile, his female friend tries to make a clean escape by running into the stockroom and climbing through the ceiling — y’know, ‘Mission: Impossible’ style. She almost made it. Almost.

This entire caper was captured by the store’s surveillance cameras.

Yes, the would-be assailant fell through the ceiling tiles. You’d think most people would know that suspended ceilings do not support much in the way of weight from any side. Guess not.

And the criminal class proves once again that capers need a plan.

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