Congress Plays Pin The Tale On The Ones Shutting Down The Government


Chuckie Schumer has an ugly problem. It’s not his mug, although, there are far more easy men to look at in government, no it’s the reality that he is trying to blame the looming government shutdown on Republicans. See, the Republicans aren’t giving the Democrats what they want in the current continuing resolution deal (full amnesty for the DACA recipients whether the act itself was legal or not), and the Democrats are stomping feet, and holding their breath until they get their way despite multiple attempts at compromise and/or deal-making. (Here’s a history of the dare sequence thanks to Allahpundit.)

It’s enough to bury bi-partisanship for a generation, but who knows.

The basic problem with the current funding standoff is the same basic problem in all negotiations that touch on immigration: Democrats are simply too radical on the issue to agree to meaningful compromise. In that one sense, immigration politics reminds me of abortion politics. …

So it is with immigration, where Democrats routinely resist attempts to put real teeth into enforcement (e.g., E-Verify) or to limit far-reaching family reunification policies for legal immigrants, even if Republicans are willing to agree to amnesty in the process. The “absolutist” GOP, led by its “nativist” president, is openly declaring its willingness to rubber-stamp DREAM. They just want a down payment on real controls over new immigration. Democrats won’t do it because, demographics being what they are, they’ve increasingly adopted a fanatic stance on open borders for their own political gain.

And therein lies the problem that along with a razor-thin margin in the Senate for the Republicans who will never get the numbers to be able to break a filibuster on the subject. The Democrats will not sign their death warrant in the form of legislation that deports one of their primary constituent blocks.

If it wasn’t so treasonous, we on the fruited plain could find a way to enjoy the irony.

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