Angry Deadspin Cis-Female: ‘Conservative Gays Need to Shut the F*ck Up”

Sub-par Deadline sports writer declares conservative gays must shut the f*** up and applauds their marginalization at the hands of  the progressive gay mob.

In the most recent demonstration of rampant political homophobia against members of the LGBT community who are anything right of Karl Marx, lesbian reporter Lauren Theisen launched into a foul and unoriginal tirade against Chad Felix Greene’s recent column for The Federalist.

Greene, an openly gay conservative, discussed his experience coming out as a conservative and how it’s been more brutal than coming out as gay.

Rightfully so, Greene addresses the rabid political homophobia against any LGBT person who has been awakened during the Trump revolution and adopted an affinity for conservative ideals.

While I have been a conservative since before I was even old enough to cast a vote, I only came out less than a decade ago. In all honesty, I received little to no push-back from family or friends when I finally accepted who I was and admitted it publicly. However, during the Trump era, I have received death threats and disturbing promises of brutal gang rapes from leftists who think that they have total ownership of the minds of the LGBT voting base.

Lauren Theisen

Theisen’s attack on Greene’s deeply personal tale of struggle is both nasty and predictable. She claims any gay that subscribes to conservative politics is only concerned about themselves, being used by the GOP, or involved in some evil scheme to destroy the LGBT community. With this insanely unhinged analysis, one has to wonder what motivated Deadspin to allow this unkempt loon to take a break from covering sports and dive into partisan politics.

As far as “female sports writers” go, Theisen has spent years desperately trying to be “one of the guys” with her coverage, though she has never been able to write as effectively or as interestingly as her male counterparts. Actually, her foray into politics through her targeted harassment of Chad Felix Greene, is the first time most people have ever had the displeasure of reading the dribble she passes off as some demented form of “journalism”. It is in fact, more like a third-rate lecture from a slightly overweight lesbian gender theory professor at Smith College.

What right does she think she has to dictate and determine what LGBT people like Greene and I think? Are we supposed to deliver offerings of patchouli and rainbows to her before we speak out about politics or our journey in accepting our own sexuality? Or maybe we have to write “White Cis Men Are Evil / Trump Is Hitler” on the chalkboard 100 times before we are worthy in her eyes.

At the end of the day, bigoted displays likes this from people like Theisen do nothing more than embolden and harden conservative gays in our resolve for freedom and President Trump. She debases herself and showcases why *some* people need to be reminded to think before they speak.

The gay mafia, or gay mob, that counts progressives like Theisen as allies, promised gullible Americans electroshock therapy and concentration camps for gays under Trump’s Fourth Reich. We’re still waiting.  Progressives keep shouting that the LGBT community is under attack and this is the worse time in the history of all time to be a gay.

Yet the only people who I would ever fear of forcing me to undergo electroshock therapy are the progressives like Theisen who want to expel the freedom and liberty from my very being. No thanks.  You better stick with sports, Lauren.  Your politics are toxic.

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