7-Year-Old HANDCUFFED For Physically Assaulting Teacher

Video Below

Last week a 7-year-old Miami boy was taken into custody after continuously punching and kicking a teacher at his Mia, Fla., school, police say. The child was removed from the cafeteria during lunch by a female teacher because he was playing with his food. When the child and teacher reached the hallway, he began punching her in her back. As she began to restrain him he began kicking her, which led to them both falling to the ground in a struggle that ended when the child calmed down.

Here comes the jaw dropper. When police arrived, the boy was handcuffed and put inside a police cruiser and taken to a psychiatric evaluation (which is permitted by state law) to make sure he was not suffering from a mental illness. The child was released a few hours after being brought to the children’s hospital. Kind of like parents are putting their children on Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medication because their child is ‘acting up’ in school.

His parents say that the tantrum was his second in three months. Two tantrums in a three-month time span, how horrible. They also denied the boy having any mental issues, period. Both parents did claim that the child had been a victim of bullying, however, which has possibly led to his bad temper.

The parents were very upset with the way the situation was handled, specifically their child being put in handcuffs. They believe the officers took things too far by doing so. Seeing any child taken into custody can be disturbing to watch and very scary for the child themselves.

If the child had used a weapon, perhaps the situation may have warranted the use of handcuffs. When you think about today’s society do you think this was a necessary precaution to prevent the child from harming himself or others?