While You’re In Mexico, Mr. Trump, Ask Nieto Why He’s Shipping Africans Into US


Donald Trump has announced that he has accepted the invitation of Mexican President Nieto and will travel to Mexico City for a private discussion on Wednesday. The meeting will take place prior to delivering his much-anticipated speech on immigration later in the day.

One thing that Mr. Trump might want to press the leader of the aggressor nation to our south is why they are actively engaged in an invasion of the United States. It is not just Mexicans that are sneaking across our border, though stealth under this pathetic excuse for a president and DHS is hardly a necessary component to illegal entry. And while they allow the free passage for purposes of invasion by Central Americans in some kind of secret deal with the Obama mobsters, It’s no longer just Central Americans either. That’s so “last year” for the Obama anti-American crowd, they’ve enhanced their operation significantly.  

Mexican drug cartels are smuggling terrorists into the U.S. and their military is allowing terrorist encampments adjacent to the border, but even that serious and potentially catastrophic assault on our national security is not the latest development and example of Mexican complicity with the outlaw Obama.

It is now reported that the Mexican government is providing visas, official passage documents valid for twenty days, to unknown Africans of unknown origin so that they can come to the U.S. border and surrender as asylum  seekers. There is nowhere on earth that peasants, criminals and terrorists aren’t intimately aware of the fact that we have an outlaw in the White House who is welcoming all invaders of any kind or intent. Obama does make an exception for white Europeans; he’ll not have our soil tarnished by the likes of them.

According to a report by the Associated Press on Tuesday, hundreds of travel visas have been granted by the Mexican government to what they call “African migrants” for the purpose of traversing Mexico and entering the United States.

The toll just over the last two days is 424 Africans that have arrived in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, having made their way up from South America. Of course responsible, good neighbors would not participate in the invasion of another nation, but Mexico is not a good neighbor. They are an aggressor intent on our overthrow and replacing our population with theirs and importing our economy into their nation. They’re globalist partners of Hussein Obama in our destruction, something Trump is well aware of.

The self-proclaimed Africans, some of which are believed to actually be Haitians, have no right to be in Mexico and that nation had no responsibility to provide them with access to America, aside from whatever shady deal Nieto has with Obama, Johnson and Biden on behalf of their puppeteer, George Soros.

There’s a lot that Trump might want to talk to the Mexican about, pretty much every situation in which we interact with them has us getting the daylights beaten out of us and our security seriously compromised by the mobster Hussein Obama.

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