AFTER 4 1/2 YEARS AWAY“Hey Mom!” Gets This POWERFUL Reaction! (video)

Every soldier who’s been away for 4 ½ years deserves THIS kind of “welcome home” upon their return. But the powerful reaction Specialist Kyle Kracht, U.S. Army, received from his mom, Cheri Hancock , was well, let’s say unexpected!

Kyle had wanted to surprise his mom who lives in West Jordan, Utah, like other soldiers on videos he had seen, but he wanted to “keep it simple”. But his mom’s reaction when she walked out of the kitchen to see him sitting in her house was no such thing.

 “I didn’t know what to expect,” he said. “I’ve gone over it in my head what she might do. I didn’t think she was gonna scream and then yell at me and ask me why I was here. I didn’t think I would have to chase after her to give her a hug, but it was way, way more than I expected.”

I didn’t want to like walk into her work,” he said. “I just wanted to be sitting here casually, and just have her walk in and be like, “What’s up mom? Hey.”

Cheri said, “I never thought that anybody would do that to me, and so when I walked in I felt like I was in a dream….I couldn’t believe it, I really couldn’t believe it.”

Cheri had been saving up money to visit her son and had Skyped as a way to keep in touch. But a gift of flyer rewards from Kyle’s grandparents enabled Kyle to fly home first to set up the surprise with everyone there.

“It gets to be a point where it’s just, there’s nothing like human contact with the ones you love”.

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