World Citizen Zuckerberg Attacks Donald Trump, Patriots For “Fearful” Defense of US


Just in case anybody had any doubts about the political beliefs and dis-loyalties of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, he makes it exceedingly clear in this presentation at the f8 Facebook convention in San Francisco. What’s striking in his comments is his personal anti-American, un-American tone. He’s clearly a globalist who views America as just another place on the map, with nothing particularly exceptional about its citizens. He’s not one of them, he’s their better, he’s a global citizen, a point he makes ad nauseam.

Zuckerberg says, “We stand for connecting every person, for a global community, for the free flow of ideas and culture across nations. We’ve gone from a world of isolated communities to one global community and we are all better off for it.”

No we’re not, Zuckerberg. Maybe those particular persons assembled in that room are better off, but most American citizens haven’t had a pay raise in fourteen years and all job growth in the United States has been among either legal or illegal immigrants. If he’s speaking to a room full of his indentured servants working under H-1B visas, their lives may well be an improvement over things in their home country, but it came at our expense.  For the American people, his precious globalism is poison and for our nation it is death.

The little globalist just can’t believe his eyes and ears; some people actually have strange misplaced loyalties to their countries and don’t like having them destroyed in the name of his style of globalist profiteering. He warns those assembled in an ominous sort of way, “I’m starting to see people and nations turning inward, against this idea of a connected world and a global community. I hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others.” We’ve got news for you Zuckerberg; if someone’s not part of us, they’re part of others. And if we’re not part of them, we’re also others. It’s a useful word that has its place.

As for his thinly-veiled attacks on patriots defending the US such as Donald Trump, it’s like this, numb nuts; it’s got nothing to do with fear. It’s a matter of recognizing and bravely responding to a threat, one that you and your cabal are at the heart of. Patriotic Americans have had enough of your profiteering at our expense. America is a sovereign nation, as much as that might disgust you. If you don’t like it, Mr. Global citizen, then please do us a favor and leave. We’ve had more than our fill of your trashing our country and the patriots who defend it.

Exhibiting the most extreme form of hypocrisy, this Obama Marxist says he’s also noticed that those same “fearful” people are for blocking free expression. He’s the guy who takes down people’s posts from their Facebook pages, particularly conservatives, and even shuts them down if he doesn’t like the content. It’s called censorship Markie, something you are intimately familiar with and an offense you are more guilty of committing than virtually any other person in the semi-free world.

He bemoans people who are in favor of slowing immigration, firm in his open borders, globalist belief that everybody has a right to my job or yours, but not to his. They can all squat in our neighborhoods as well while Zuckerberg simply buys all the neighboring houses to “keep the riff-raff out,” those “others.” He loves all the people of the world; just don’t let them anywhere near him.

Zuckerberg says it takes courage to choose hope over fear but what it takes more than anything else is a gullible ignorance that permits someone to choose the suicidal path he’s trying to lead people down over self-preservation.  He says “people will always call you naïve,” and there’s a reason for that. If they fall for his line of crap, they’re exactly that, naïve as hell. He declares his Marxism loudly saying, “It is this hope and this optimism that is behind every step “forward,” the code word for communist authoritarianism and Marxism.

He then goes into the standard globalist talking points of refugees, global warming, that the path “forward,” is “to bring people together, not push people apart.” We’d hope that he would recognize that the path forward is to give American jobs to Americans, not push us to the sidelines. There’s no chance, it’s just more of his insincerity, his overflowing hypocrisy on display.

Zuckerberg challenges those in his “community,” apparently the audience one, not the globalist one, but of course not the American one, to work harder if the “world starts to turn inwards.” He borrows the worn out phrase of Obama and other Marxists, saying, “Instead of building walls, we can build bridges and instead of dividing people we can help bring people together.”

And instead of protecting and strengthening America, they can denigrate it, tear it down, cripple our economy and destroy our sovereignty. After all, we’re all just global citizens to him; He never said the words United States, because he’s globalist and a traitor to his country.

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