Women Need To Know This Before Voting For Hillary


Women. We are, when it comes down to it, the backbone of any society. Women are necessary for the propagation of the species.  As such, women are the most vital survivors of war. Yes, we need men to procreate, but one man can do the deed with many women. We ladies are much less prolific.

Loss of human life during war is one of the factors that kept human life on planet earth in check for many centuries. So long as man is at war, the best and the brightest of many a generation has been lost, maimed, or otherwise incapacitated. We Americans have seen it in our own time with the War of Terror. And given the rhetoric coming from the Hillary Clinton camp, if she gets elected, we’re most likely on for World War III with Russia.

Forget the nostalgic memories of the Cold War: the one where the two antagonists – the United States, and the version of Russia known as the Soviet Union – never fired a shot against each other directly, but went on for decades.  This will be the real thing, and unlike its two predecessors, women will be needed not just on the homefront, but in the field as well.  As targets.

The recent past has seen a reopening of the case to bring back the draft, a necessary evil in long, sustained wars.  Unlike previous drafts, talk is now that a future version WILL include women out of not just necessity, but EQUALITY. (This was one of Phyllis Schlafly’s primary arguments against the Equal Rights Amendment.) This would put the vessels of human reproduction in harms way.


The alarm is sounding on the political right, but falling on deaf ears to the political right.  That being the case, Mike Cernovich points out that Hillary Clinton wants to #DraftOurDaughters in an online ad that should send shivers down the spines of women everywhere.

At the @Cernovich Twitter thread, there are many a caustic comment about wanting women in the kitchen.  Cooking is a life skill.  It’s a place for all of us, actually.  And the basics aren’t hard or more work than going to the gym, either.  But you’d never know that listening to the feminists.


Does the #ImWithHer eventually lead to #DraftOurDaughters? Do women really want to take the chance and find next pageout?

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