Woman Makes Gruesome Discovery Owner arrested

Police told reporters today at a news conference that they have one woman in custody following an investigation into the discovery of a body in a Simi Valley home. Officials said that the new California owner of the home was eager to move in. So after the 30 day move out period was up, they immediately went to the home to make sure the former owners were gone.

It was at that time that they made the gruesome discovery upon opening the door to the master bedroom. The new homeowner notified police Monday that they had discovered the body of 84-year-old Salvatore Orefice in the Simi Valley house they had just purchased laying on a bed. According to county records, the new buyer had paid $430,000 for the house last month.

mary karacas

Simi Valley police Cmdr. Roy Jones told reporters that following the initial investigation, that Mary Karacas, 75, the original owner, was arrested on suspicion of murder in the elderly man’s death. Police said the new homeowner called them to tell them about the discovery of the body. Authorities then called Karacas and told her to meet them at the house, Jones said.

Once the elderly woman arrived at the home, police questioned her about the body. A spokesperson said that during the questioning, The woman told detectives that she and Orefice got into an altercation and at some point Karacas said she shot the man. Karacas was subsequently placed in handcuffs.

Karacs also told police that she had been in a relationship with Orefice for several months, according to KTLA. Jones said that Orefice and the woman  had 30 days to vacate the home after they sold it. It was unclear how long the body had been in the home.

The Los Angeles Times contributed to this story.

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