WikiLeaks Reveals The REAL Culprit With Hidden Russian Financial Ties… Hint, It’s Not Trump!


WikiLeaks Reveals The REAL Culprit With Hidden Russian Financial Ties… Hint, It’s Not Trump!

Wikileaks: The Clinton campaign keeps telling the American people that Vladimir Putin wants Trump elected, and that he’s put his “Russian hackers” to work trying to sabotage Clinton on his behalf. The phantom operatives are as hard to find as evidence of global warming and the false claims that they are responsible are just as “certain.” They’re the ones who broke into the private systems, Clinton tells us it was they who revealed the Democrat’s serious misdeeds, statements and crimes to the public.

Of course that line of thinking completely discounts the conflict of interest and complicity of the Clinton’s in the Uranium One deal in which they earned over $160 million for selling Russia rights to much of America’s Uranium production. It is also completely inconsistent with new information that was just released by WikiLeaks as part of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s emails, the fact that he is on the executive board of an energy company, Joule Unlimited, “which received million from a Putin-connected Russian government fund.”


Podesta also received 75,000 common shares of stock.  Trump has sworn that he has no business relationship with Mr. Putin or with Russia beyond one year that they hosted his beauty pageant. Obviously that is a statement that Mr. Podesta cannot make, or at least, not truthfully. It would appear that the Democrats are once again projecting their misdeeds onto their opponents as a diversion.

The newly released email by Wikileaks is in the form of a forwarded message titled “Podesta Outstanding Docs for Joule.” Eryn Sepp, an assistant to Podesta at the Center for American Progress, forwarded it to Podesta from  Mark C. Solakian, a Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Joule Unlimited Technologies, Inc.

It was otherwise a mundane bit of housekeeping, aside from the Russian connection now exposed. Slovakian wrote in the 2014 mailing, “It is my understanding that John transferred the resulting 75,000 common shares from the option exercise to the Leonidio LLC. As such, we would need to edit the Transfer of Share Agreement to reflect the transfer of 75,000 common shares to the LLC.”

Donald Trump Senior Communications Advisor Jason Miller weighed in on the report, saying, “The disclosure that Clinton Chair John Podesta transferred his shares in Putin-backed Joule Unlimited to an anonymous holding company when he joined the Obama Administration is extremely concerning.

“Because the holding company is completely anonymous, we do not know whether or not he still has deep financial ties to Vladimir Putin and his regime.” Miller added, “As such, Mr. Podesta needs to either reveal who is behind the holding company or he must resign from the Clinton campaign immediately.”

Podesta was required by law to fully disclose his position on the Joule Unlimited board of directors and to make it part of his federal financial disclosures before taking his position as Hussein Obama’s senior adviser. He did not comply with those requirements which leads one to ask what else this international lobbyist and hustler is hiding from public knowledge. What about his candidate? What other international financial relations is she failing to report as well?

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