WikiLeaks Exposes Obama Lying About Knowledge Of Clinton Server

There’s just too many loose ends in the rapidly unraveling web of corruption for the Democrat party criminals to be able to tie them all back up. As revelations come out, notably from WikiLeaks and Project Veritas, regarding the lying at all levels, Hussein Obama has now been exposed. He was lying on national television to 60 minutes about knowing Clinton was using an illegal server. Obama has also now been implicated in the thuggish attacks on Trump supporters throughout the election to this point, having meet with the operative coordination the violence 342 times.

Not only is Obama now proven to have been lying about his knowledge and involvement in the “off the books” communications arrangement at her house, there are emails between Obama and Clinton that have still never been released. No emails between Clinton and Obama have been released as part of any of the State Department emails or from any other sources. Communications between Clinton aides and Podesta make it clear that such emails did exist at one time.


There were meetings at the White House to discuss the unfolding crisis, again, and presumably to plot their best method of damage control. State Department spokesperson Mark Toner admitted that they existed and that “some form of executive privilege” was being used to keep them out of the hands of the American public.

There is also new information regarding a 2010 review of the Clinton Foundation which showed a belief by many of their donors that a quid quo pro existed and that an audit that was presented by the Clinton Foundation was largely worthless. Charles Ortel, a philanthropic expert, described them as materially inaccurate.  

Dan Henninger of the Wall Street Journal gives his views on the whole mess as well, including how Obama is now becoming completely exposed in his involvement with the criminal operations being run out of the White House and through the State Department. The question Martha MacCallum asks that many others have as well, is that “This is the Secretary of State and the ‘president’ of the United States. How could they never have communicated on email? And yet there’s not one email between the two of them that has surfaced in any of this. And that’s a bit of a head scratcher.” She wonders, “Does the FBI know whether or not there were any emails between Hillary Clinton and ‘president’ Obama? There’s another question.”

They’re all squirming and looking to tell just the right lie to make all of this go away. That lie doesn’t seem to exist. If it did, liars like these would have already found it and told it repeatedly.

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