WikiLeaks Exposes Clinton Fabricated Putin Trump Bromance, Admits Owns ISIS Disaster

The tactic of branding Donald Trump’s openness to dealing with Putin and his lack of prejudicial animosity for the Russians is seen as a weakness to be exploited by the Clinton warmongers in their efforts to distort who Donald Trump is and to discredit him by creating a relationship that doesn’t exist between him and Putin while masking their own web of entanglements.

They also recognized the actual vulnerability of Hillary Clinton in her joint responsibility for the growth of ISIS and failures of her shared “strategy” with Hussein Obama for dealing with them.


In one of the Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks, the following comments were made by political advisor Brent Budowsky to Podesta. It’s advice that an examination of the rhetoric indicates was acted upon by the Clinton campaign. He recommended:   

“be careful about the U.N., support but don’t go too far. Putin did not agree to anything about removing Assad and continues to bomb the people we support. [Rebels, ISIS, Al-Nusra] We pushed the same position in 2012 (Geneva 1, which HRC knows all about) and Geneva 2 in 2014. Odds that Putin agrees to remove Assad are only slightly better than the odds the College of Cardinals chooses me to someday succeed Pope Francis.

“Best approach is to slaughter Donald for his bromance with Putin, but not go too far betting on Putin re Syria.”

Does she really want to co-own the Obama-Clinton ISIS strategy?  She will never state what I believe we need to do—at least 20,000 ground troops with 3,000 American and at least 10,000 from Sunni Muslim nations— because she is consumed with keeping Obama’s goodwill and afraid of liberal backlash.  But at the least she should not be branding and infecting herself with Obama’s policy towards Syria and ISIS by offering such high and direct praise for it.”

She does NOT want to run for Obama’s third term on ISIS and Syria to continue the Obama-Clinton policy against ISIS

The best single move to elect her would be a massive voter registration and organization drive. Expand the electorate so more voters will vote so her low trust ratings generally will have less prorated impact, and the number of higher trust voters will be newly registered.

There is no ad on earth that will increase her trust ratings or the enthusiasm of her voters the way a mega-registration project will increase her support on election day.  As for ISIS, the mathematically worst place for her to be is co-owner of the Obama-Clinton policy. Obama could destroy her candidacy the same way Democrats lost control of the House, the Senate, governorships and state legislatures during her presidency.  Things happen for a reason, and either change the reason or we will end up with the same outcome. 


The original email can be seen here.

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