Wikileaks Assange On Clinton’s Russia “Experts”


Julian Assange of Wikileaks is interviewed by Democracy Now shortly after the release of the first tranche of DNC documents. He covers a wide-range of topics, starting with the relationship between the Clinton campaign and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

He says, “It is important for there to be examples of accountability, the resignation was an example of that.” He then notes that immediately thereafter, Hillary Clinton made a counter-example of her own. Her hiring of Schultz in a fabricated management position is a message being sent not to the voters, but to political operatives. That messaging, Assange says, is “If you act in a corrupt way that benefits Hillary Clinton, you’ll be taken care of.

He identifies the most significant emails as being ones that show the financial mechanisms behind the DNC, the pay for play system in which everything has a price. Saying, “Those are very rich documents,” Assange identifies one in particular called “Spreadsheet of all things.” He notes there were some interesting, circuitous routes in which money traveled, including from the DNC to the states and back that he believes may have been used to disguise the flow of money in order to violate some sort of restrictions.

He addresses the clear campaign and atmosphere of a commitment to defeating Bernie Sanders within the DNC. He also notes that Debbie Wasserman Schultz called the president of MSNBC and ordered him to come down on the Morning Joe program with them subsequently doing a 180 degree turn on their stated position.

He also dismisses the claims by Clinton campaign manager Robby Mooks that the Russians are involved in the email dump. He’s asked for the source of the document by the interviewer and refuses, reminding her that they pride themselves on never releasing their sources. He notes that the definition of expert utilized by the Clinton campaign is a very generous one, as he is familiar with one of them. They’ve got a nickname for the guy as he’s been trying to construct a conspiracy theory against them since the Edward Snowden days.

Assange points out how the DNC is an open book that has been hacked repeatedly and there are many potential sources. The Clinton campaign doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Then again, they know what was in their email and may be running damage control in anticipation.

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