WH Spokesliar Earnest Can’t Explain Obama Connection To Election Fraud Racketeers

WH Spokesliar

WH Spokesliar Earnest Can’t Explain Obama Connection To Election Fraud Racketeers

WH Spokesliar: Obama doesn’t think we’re entitled to answers or the truth, our non-elite little peasant minds couldn’t handle it. We’re deplorable rednecks and as such he must be very careful in dispensing what we’re allowed to believe. We also shouldn’t trust what we hear with our ears or see with our lying eyes. Obama and Clinton will provide our proper programming at the appropriate time; they’ll tell us what to believe.

Obama’s spokesliar and information filter, Josh Earnest, warned the fragile and impressionable American people not to accept the truth about the regime’s voter fraud and racketeering that was revealed in the Project Veritas videos. He said they should be taken “not just with a grain of salt but maybe even a whole package of salt.” Wow, they must be just packed with lies; please show us where they are Mr. Earnest and thank you for protecting us.


Earnest is in a tough spot. He can’t dispute the indisputable evidence, the admissions of criminal election fraud and mob tactics being used against Americans supporting Donald Trump. He did what Democrats often do when the news is damaging or unpleasant, he attacked the messenger. Earnest said, “Despite what the name might suggest, these videos have not often revealed the truth.”

So we are apparently to believe that the two goons forced out by the revelations, their own admissions on hidden video, quit because they were exposed as liars? If that were a cause for firing Democrats, Mr. Trump would be running unopposed. They were forced out because they’ve been caught committing some very serious crimes and implicated the entire Democrat Party machinery. That includes the current criminal candidate, Hillary Clinton, as well as the occupier of the White House, Hussein Obama.

One of the goons who was engaged in voter system racketeering, Bob Creamer, visited the White House 342 times over the period of time it has been befouled by Obama’s presence. Are we to assume they were also just talking about Bill Clinton’s golf game and grandkids? Creamer admitted he was inciting violence and committing fraud in the videos. Could that have been at the direction of the community organizing radical sitting with his feet propped up on the people’s Oval Office desk?

Earnest didn’t want to comment on the video specifics, which is understandable since he might have to get into details that would implicate the White House and Clinton, but said the idea of initiating or provoking confrontations and violence at an opponent’s campaign is contrary to the Obama community organizing methodology. It’s too bad it never occurred to him to mention his strong morality convictions to the “head thug” during one of those 342 visits.

Earnest said, “We shouldn’t have to resort to violence and in fact it is completely inappropriate to resort to violence to advance a political goal.” Earnest called it a principle that ‘president’ Obama “strongly believed in.” What Obama strongly believes in is using every means possible, as Alinsky taught him, “the end justifies the means,” as long as he doesn’t get caught, Josh. That’s his principle that was violated.

Earnest encouraged those who view the videos to exercise, “extreme caution,” saying, “Time and time and time again, the information that was released by this organization was a lot different than initial reports would indicate.” Was there a denial in there, Earnest? Surely he’s going to provide us with a sampling from all of those inaccurate reports.

In what was a de facto admission that he doesn’t have a lie that will make the problem of a direct connection between the two thugs and Obama go away, Earnest dodged a question about why Creamer had visited the White House 342 times and met with Obama 47 times.

He was asked to explain the nature of the relationship between the two Democrat criminals, Obama and Creamer. He replied, “I’m not sure that I can describe it, because, I’m not sure there is much of one.” If you meet with someone 47 times, you have a relationship although it may be shady, criminal and conspiratorial, it’s still a relationship. Josh doesn’t describe it because saying nothing is the best cover up and he’ll use it for as long as the friendly press will let him get away with it.

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