Vicente Fox F-Bombs Trump: We’re NOT Building That…Wall

A few months ago, current political shooting star, and more than likely Republican nominee for president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, addressed the true concerns of Americans everywhere and advocated for a wall – a real one, not just a fence – along the southern border that is letting in far more of the kind of people we want to stay on the other side than is good for us.  Not only did The Donald advocate for the wall, he said he’d build it and get Mexico to pay for it.

Well, anyone with a brain knows that Mexico isn’t going to build a wall between the two countries, at least not willingly.  Too many revenue streams will be disrupted, and none of them are wholesome.  Former Mexican President Vicente Fox agrees.  In an interview this week with Jorge Ramos on Fusion, he let his sentiments be known:

“I’m not going to pay for that fucking wall! He should pay for it. He’s got the money,” Fox said.

“Are you afraid that he’s going to be the next President of the United States?” Ramos asked. “What would that mean for Mexico?”

“No no no, democracy can not take that, crazy people that don’t know what is going on in the world today. This worries me, the last caucus in Nevada… he won 44 percent of Hispanics.”

“I’d like to know who those Hispanics are, because they are followers of a false prophet,” Fox said. “He’s going to take them to the desert, and if they think that they will benefit with an administration led by Donald Trump, they’re wrong. They must open their eyes. Please, you Hispanics in the U.S., open your eyes.”

“It is not to defend our race, it is not to defend our creed, but to defend the same nation that is hosting you. This nation is going to fail if it goes into the hands of a crazy guy.”

“What is Trump?” Fox asked. “He’s not a Republican. Absolutely not. Those are not the Republican principles. He is not a Democrat. He is just himself. He is egocentric.”

Um, Presidente Fox, Nevada IS in the desert, and the United States is a Republic, but I digress.  “Democracy can’t take us to crazy people who don’t know what’s going on in the world.”  Uh, Senor Fox, have you SEEN the current Occupier of the Oval Office?  Do you honestly think HE gets what America needs to do in the world?

Egocentric he might be, but at least Donald Trump is highlighting the issues that are concerning to Americans.  And like it or love it, hispanics who claim American citizenship are not voting racially.  They are voting according to the message they want to hear.  Americans want security on the border.  YOU, Senor Fox, failed to reign in the crime syndicates that make Mexico one of the most corrupt countries on the planet – and that is saying something given the level of systemic corruption in government in many locales on this planet.  The reality is that we don’t want all the drug violence and people sneaking over the border that Mexico is exporting.

Getting Mexico to pay does not mean sending them an invoice.  It can be done in a number of ways.  Cutting off the American market for illegal goods is a start, as is cutting back on migrant workers who end up sending money and goods back to Mexico on a regular basis will be a sort of payment.  However, this sentiment from Fox, that Donald Trump is a big-mouthed blow hard who is clueless on the world stage, echoes the messaging of both political parties in the United States right now.  The problem is that none of the people who supposedly know what they are doing are speaking directly to the people.  Trump is.

Will The Donald get Mexico to pay for the wall?  Doesn’t matter so long as it gets built.  It’s going to be money well spent.

For the video of the interview, please visit Real Clear Politics.  Cover photo from the Fusion interview.

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