Weasel Paul Ryan Never Supported Trump – Does It Really Matter?

Weasel Paul Ryan

Weasel Paul Ryan Never Supported Trump – Does It Really Matter?

Paul Ryan is a despicable traitor to our nation, the Republican Party and to the American people. He is a fraud, at best one possessing the integrity of Judas Iscariot, though that is arguably a standard he falls well short of.  He is an employee of those working to destroy this nation for their own materialistic enrichment and expansion of power. He works for the same people Hillary Clinton is working for and towards the same destructive, anti-American objectives. He is a tool of the globalists who never supported Donald Trump.

We all witnessed the contortions Weasel Ryan went through during the primary in his attempt to position himself as the alternative to Donald Trump during a brokered convention. He was one of the team of puppets that included John Kasich, Mitt Romney and Calgary Ted Cruz who were acting to subvert the system, who talk party unity while working against it, ready to be inserted by the power brokers once they were able to orchestrate an opening.


The ambush bus video release and whatever else may yet be unveiled by the filthy shadow government puppeteers was designed to be the crack through which a successful revolt was engineered and one of these puppets, owned by the enemy of a free and prosperous America, would be placed into power. It would be a return to the normal politics of late, a slow circling of the drain as America is stripped of our wealth and identity. We would once again be given the mirage of a choice rather than the freedom to choose.

But it didn’t work and now the sleazy little rodent, Paul Ryan, is left further exposed for what he is. He, like his fellow traitor and globalist tool, Senator Mike Lee, tried to create momentum for Americans to turn our backs on our future, on our children and on our nation, and to surrender to their power play. It’s the hand their masters gave them to play although they are not victims. Ryan, Lee and his ilk are opportunists setting themselves up for the devil’s rewards.

Having failed in his effort to pull the rug out from under Mr. Trump by his impressive debate performance and the wake of a Hillary Clinton meltdown under the heat of a spotlight of Trump directed scrutiny, the traitor, Weasel Ryan, now has publicly once again taken the position that he has always truly held. He won’t support Mr. Trump. The reality is he never has; he’s just going through a cycle in which he’s not trying quite so hard to pretend that he’s not a turncoat.

In a Monday morning conference call the establishment shill, who was placed into power by the Chamber of Commerce and other global fascist interests over the objections of those who knew what we were getting, made it official.  The New York Times reports that Weasel Ryan informed those on the call “that he would never again campaign alongside Mr. Trump and would dedicate himself instead to defending the party’s majority in Congress, according to five lawmakers who participated in the call and spoke on condition of anonymity.”

Ryan is attempting to save face following his failed coup and to pick up the pieces that he and his establishment anti-Trump operatives have created as they work to destroy the Republican Party and devolve the American political system into what it effectively is already, a one party system under the boot of the establishment oligarchs. They’ll all call themselves Democrats one day soon, at a point when it’s already a foregone conclusion and irreversible by their estimation.

By then the globalist invasion of America by the Mexicans, Central Americans and Islamists will be complete and our country will exist in name only. Ryan’s current charade, along with Mr. Lee and Mitt Romney, is the likely outgrowth of the “Romney Summit” back in June in Park City Utah.

None of these globalist traitors ever intended to support Mr. Trump or gives a damn about party unity or the future of our nation beyond what’s in it for them and their puppeteers. That truth is becoming painfully obvious. The solution is a little more elusive but it still begins with one important and critical event. The election of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States.

Then the purge. Weasels aren’t welcome in our house.

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