WATCH: Trump’s Latest Celebrity Endorsement – CLASSIC EPIC Speech From Don King

He’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but Don King is one heck of a patriot.  On Wednesday in Toledo, Ohio, the white haired one endorsed Donald Trump for president beginning with the words, “There’s a revolution at hand.”

There are those who will decry Mr. King for being in cahoots with Trump for decades given that hotel casinos and fight night are natural fit.  However, this writer was at a fundraising event where Don King not only stole the show, but was very generous with auction items.  He’s a good guy despite the sport he promotes.

Keep in mind, while watching this, that Don King is one of a kind.  He makes up words, makes the most ridiculous malaprops, and sometimes gets his simple facts a little jumbled, but the big picture ideas and sincerity is there.

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Just as a reminder, this was a REPUBLICAN rally, not a Democratic one.  And yes, it’s okay to say AMEN at the appropriate intervals.

Yes, this is a movement, and We the People are on the move.  All that hope and change just didn’t work out.  Americans were sent to the back of the bus.  Women have been marginalized and separated from our purpose in life in a bid for equality that would never have been granted in the form envisioned.

Yes, it took a crazy boxing promoter to say it, but that’s okay.  We’re all in this together.  The freedom that was once the great promise of this nation can be restored.  It is what the people want.  (Maybe not so much the politicians, but we can use the power of the vote to remind them who’s boss.)  That is the movement taking hold all over not just America, but the world.

Okay, these little cheerleading sessions are corny, hokey and can make your teeth grind, but they are necessary to carry momentum into November.

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