WATCH Trump Cheerleading From Brussels, Just Do It, America

It’s really easy to get depressed in America these days.  After close to thirty years of destructive globalist policies taking hold in the government, our country is a mess.  Economically, the working middle class has been all but destroyed.  Jobs have left the country and have moved to places with lower corporate taxes and minimal environmental standards.  Junk is imported from overseas at dirt cheap prices thanks to what amounts to no tariff.  We are awash in debt at every level of society and government.  And to add insult to injury, the echo chamber that is the bought and paid for mainstream media is running victory laps for the presidential candidate who represents the people who did this to us – before the election.  (Yes, it’s a deliberate attempt to demoralize the Trump train.)

Honestly, it’s not an easy time to be an American.  Those of us who support the candidate who best represents traditional American-style capitalism are targets for vandalism and hatred by those who oppose him.  Those who oppose the man are caught in endless echo chambers of “journalists” who have set themselves up as “experts” in a culture that surrendered critical thinking to them.  There is no escaping the circular arguments and endless sniping with friends and family who will quit one’s presence at the first provocation.

Honestly, this country is a wasteland of nothing but fruitless arguments and “educated” useful idiots demonstrating the definition of insanity.  Other people in the world have seen this situation before.  They live in the lands that our ancestors left behind, and many of them are right with us in the fight against globalism and “leaders” who have anything but the best interests of their people at heart.  They are in the same place we are without free speech and largely without the right to bear arms.

One man, the leader of the People’s Party of Belgium, is fighting the same fight as Americans against globalism.  In one way, his fight is ours and ours is his.  This is his latest message to the people of America.

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This is a reminder to go to the polls and vote against globalism no matter what the mainstream media has to say.  Our Waterloo awaits.


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