WATCH The Video Chuck Schumer Has To Live Down Re SCOTUS Nominations


The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, God rest his soul, has without a doubt thrown this country into the most ridiculous turmoil and rancor we have seen in a very long time.  The stalwart anchor of the conservative wing of the Supreme Court just dies out of the blue with a precarious balance of left-right, activist-originalist numbers in jeopardy and both sides of the political divide have all but lost their minds.

Conservatives, fearful that cherished rights will be quashed with another liberal on the court, are wringing their hands and demanding that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell hold the line and not have ANY confirmation votes.  (The Senate also needs to stay in session as recess appointments to the Supreme Court are legal even if they are sneaky, underhanded and God only knows what the Prom King thinks will be appropriate for the high court.)

Liberals are screaming YOU CAN’T DO THAT! as if there is not precedent for the action of blocking a supreme court nominee for over two years until the party in power of the Senate is back in control of the White House.  (Really, people, knowledge of history is a GOOD thing.)

“Here, he doesn’t even know who the president’s going to propose and he says ‘no we’re not having hearings, we’re not going to go forward’ – to leave the Supreme Court vacant for 300 days in a divided time. This kind of obstructionism isn’t going to last,” [Sen. Chuck] Schumer told ABC’s This Week.

And then, once more, a video proves that, like a diamond, the internet is forever.  As it happens, no less than Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) himself was caught on tape talking to the American Constitution Society, of the “dangerous” imbalance of the court in 2007, after both Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito were confirmed.  Not only that, he advocated for stalling before confirming another pick from the George W. Bush White House should a seat open.

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“I will do everything in my power to prevent one more ideological ally from joining (Justices John) Roberts and (Samuel) Alito,” and recommended the Senate, “should not confirm any Bush nominee to the Supreme Court except in extraordinary circumstances.”…

“With respect to the Supreme Court at least, I will recommend to my colleagues that we should not confirm any Bush nominee to the Supreme Court except in extraordinary circumstances.”

“I will do everything in my power to prevent one more ideological ally from joining (John) Roberts and (Samuel) Alito on the court,” Schumer later added.

The rhetoric from Schumer that We the People do not want to be represented on the Supreme Court by members of a political right “clique” is amazing projection given that the American people are never consulted when it comes to Supreme Court nominees.   Time after time, the people of the country poll more center right than they do hard left.  And with this statement caught on film, the man advocates for the very actions that will be played as obstructionist should Republicans manage to keep Obama from putting another anti-American justice on the court.

Amazing what happens when the shoe is on the other foot, isn’t it.

In the meantime, do not look for Ruth Bader-Ginsburg to give up the ghost any time soon.  She’s on record as not wanting to retire until the Senate is safely in Democratic hands.

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