WATCH Protester Stopped By Secret Service Attemping To Attack Donald Trump

After the insanity that greeted Donald Trump in Chicago on Friday evening, the campaign had to think on its feet and canceled a rally in Cincinnati.  With the Ohio primary coming up on Tuesday, however, The Donald DID need to make appearances Ohio if only because the state is John Kasich territory.

Outside of Dayton, a rust belt type town hit hard by the deindustrialization of the United States, Trump’s “Make America Great Again” tour stopped at an airport and The Donald got more of the same from a person in the crowd.  A man identified as Thomas Dimassimo of Fairborn, Ohio, – the same Tom Dimassimo who appears in ISIS videos, and who is an avowed Black Lives Matter protestor – breached the security perimeter set up by the Secret Service by jumping a crowd control fence and was promptly taken down.  Due to countless smartphones in the audience, there is no shortage of footage of the incident.  In this short video, the man obviously is not a fan.  Watch.

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Yes, Dimassimo spit at the crowd as he was being hauled away.  This video and countless others available online clearly demonstrates that the would be attacker was in the wrong.  He rushed the stage.  Thanks to the Secret Service, he never got close to the candidate.  But this incident DOES demonstrate the lengths Trump’s opposition will go to in attacking his person on the campaign trail.

After chaos reigned in Chicago Friday night, there were numerous calls from Trump’s fellow running mates to take responsibility for the violence that has suddenly cropped up around his campaign.  Their claim is that his rhetoric is causing the disturbances.  Other sources state outright that the “protesting” is part of a plan put together by the globalist forces that want to keep Trump out of elected office.  Trump, for his part, is ignoring all of the calls to tone things down.

“My people are nice. My people are great,” Trump told the Ohio crowd. “Don’t let them rip you away from your position. These are bad people. These are people who don’t want to make American great again.”

For his part  Thomas Dimassimo has been charged with inducing panic and disorderly conduct with a local law enforcement authority.

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