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There is no question that as the influence of religion has waned in the United States, so has the moral condition of her people.  Crime and vice is on the rise, and the police have their hands full.

As this inversion of the way things used to be has come to fruition, a fairly religious Christian Scientist teaching at Harvard Business School, Clay Christensen, was talking to a Fulbright Scholar from Communist China who dropped a truth bomb as to what makes democracy in America work.  Christensen explains:

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“Most of the people, most of the time voluntarily choose to obey the law.”

We Americans know this to be the truth, especially on April 15 every year when we dutifully file income taxes, and rarely take the time to admit or discuss it.  But the idea that it is RELIGION that tells us to do so…of late, non-believers among us and those who may confess a faith but are fastidious about not pushing it onto anyone else tell us that this is just the way society functions.  But society would not function without the impressed morality of religion that is preached from humble, and faithful clergy in pulpits everywhere.

Are we still accountable to God above society and country?  One would hope that sentiment has not died.  It is one of the building blocks of this nation’s exceptionalism, that God’s commands are part of law.  It is said that the Church – and probably Judaism – is only one generation from dying out at any one time.  How many more generations will pass before the moral tenets of faith that hold together the fabric of Democracy and society die as well?  It will be as the law of the jungle always was once this comes to pass: every man for himself.

Without religion, without the influence of God in the people’s lives, the true reality that government would have to grow to immense proportions in order to control behavior for the good of everyone is a given.  So is the reality that the police cannot be in control all the time.  The accountability to God fulfills the function of inspiring the people to self-control.

THAT is what the anti-religion forces do not want to admit.

Thanks to Thomas Lifson of American Thinker for bringing this video to the fore.

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