WATCH Short History Of Hillary Clinton Scandals: SHE LIES

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For the entirety of Hillary Clinton’s time in the American spotlight, she has been caught in one scandal after another.  One lie after another.  At this point the litany is so long, that most of us out on the fruited plain have lost count of just what she’s lied about, been sued for, and what the FBI is investigating on her this week.

A group called “No Hillary in 2016″ is taking up the mantle of at least keeping this woman’s criminal past in the public eye even as her presidential campaign and the mainstream media tries to erase it.  Their latest video is a compilation of the scandals dating back to Hillary and her consort’s time in Arkansas where their grifter-type escapades began several decades ago.

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Whether Hillary Clinton is really one step from prison or not remains to be seen.  The FBI is said to be ready to indict her on any number of charges stemming from the emails being released in a slow trickle from the State Department that Mrs. Clinton had on a privately maintained server.  That does not include the perjury, lying to the people and Congress, of which she stands accused, as well as the real business that was going on in Benghazi, Libya, that got four Americans killed.

The truth is that we cannot have this woman in the White House controlling the country.  She is a walking, talking scandal machine in addition to being a career public criminal.  Many people have gone to prison for less than she has done.  That is the message of the vast right-wing conspiracy, if there is one.  And that’s no lie.

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