WATCH: Quick Lesson In How To Spot Jihad That Does Not Use An AK-47

All jihads are created equal, even if in the west, it may not actually look like jihad.  That is the lesson Dr. Bill Warner of the Center for the Study of Political Islam teaches in his latest video.  It is not titled so, but this is “How To Spot Jihad” 101:

(Aright, I know Warner is as boring as dog turds, but he knows his stuff.)

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Muslimology…gotta love it.

We all know people who are muslims that do not blow stuff up.  However, we all also know muslims that do, in little ways, insult western culture from time to time, but the jihad of money, speech and writing is a new concept.  We’ve all seen and heard this in action even as those who practice the faiths Islam targets for eradication find other ways to fulfill their obligations.

  • We’ve all heard about the companies where muslims demand prayer rooms and a break schedule to accommodate their prayer schedule.  No Catholic would ever ask for a break at 3 pm to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, even if many people are devotees.  Other prayers are “can do anytime” sorts.
  • There are countless stories of muslims being insulted at the smell of bacon.  Orthodox Jews aren’t permitted to indulge, either, but they don’t complain.  They just ask for it not to be included.  (That’s doable.)
  • We’ve all heard about a woman who sued a retailer in order to wear a headscarf at work.  In the west, the thing to do is to make sure religious practices are accommodated before taking the job.
  • “Law-fare” is a new concept to many of us, but it makes sense.  It is a form of harassment in the name of religion…and yes, giving money for the cause, whatever it happens to be, is just as beneficial even for Christians.
  • Speech that does not include the whole truth…wow is there a lot of jihad out there.

If the purpose of jihad is to bring about Shariah, then many incidents over the last few years that have made headlines were really jihad, not just muslims trying to guilt the people of the west into giving them their way.  They want Shariah.  And they’re trying to be sneaky about getting us to give it to them.

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